Something New

img_0504lrMany of you may know me as the founder of Ju-Ju Monkey, a natural parenting store in Allentown, Pa. If you do know me, you know that I love science and I love all things simple, natural and plant based. I can remember all the way back to elementary school reading up on essential oils and botanical ingredients. Through the years, I soaked up any information I could find related to the herbal medicine, essential oils and natural therapeutic recipes and wanted to understand the chemistry behind it.

Loving chemistry and wanting to put theory and practice together, I studied chemical engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduating, I went to work mainly in the food and beverage industry with a slight detour into bio-pharmaceuticals along the way. This wasn’t related to my passion for botanicals, but it did educate me on clean environments and good manufacturing practices.

After having my son several years later, and moving cross country to Pennsylvania, I chose another path that lead me to natural parenting, a more holistic lifestyle and opening Ju-Ju Monkey. If you have visited me in the store, I may seem like a crunchy hippie and to some extent I am, but please know that for me it always comes back to science.

Natural remedies can be used in conjunction with modern medicine to provide an extra boost and a complete approach. If an issue is not severe, maybe the holistic approach is all you need. If the condition worsens, then it may be time to visit a doctor.

I understand that natural does not mean inherently safe. I have an appreciation for modern medicine. I feel the advice of a doctor should not be taken lightly. For me, it all boils down to science. Chemistry, biology, physiology, pharmacology……so many subjects connected to one another and always so much to learn. No one person knows everything. That’s why we have to respect one another and learn from each other. It’s also up to you to do your own due diligence because one person’s truth may not be a fact.

So now that you have a better idea of who I am and where I come from, I want to share something with you. Yesterday was my birthday and I usually like to set new goals or start something new on this day. This year, I decided to create Oil Change Aromatherapy, a skincare line dedicated to offering families premium plant and essential oil based skin care products that nourish the skin, soothe the mind and balance the body.

Formulated in Pennsylvania in our studio and tested to meet all standards required for skincare products in the United States. Ethically made to GMP standards and never tested on animals. I am very proud to finally be putting my knowledge and passion to use. I also have some ideas so that you can handcraft at home as well.

Speaking of you, we are looking for participants willing to test our products and provide us with feedback. If interested in becoming a product tester, please fill out this form and if selected, we will be contacting you shortly.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and hope that you find Oil Change Aromatherapy beneficial.